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January 2016
(Sponsored by PeproTech)
Dr. John Maher, King's College London (London, UK) CAR T-cell immunotherapy of solid tumours
Prof. Michael Linden, Rare Disease Research Unit, Pfizer (London, UK)
Collaborative path to gene therapy
Dr. Edward Hodgkin and Dr. Martin Pule, Autolus (London, UK)Next-generation CAR T-cells to cure cancer

November 2015
(Sponsored by the Cell Therapy Catapult)
Dr. Kyriacos Mitrophanous, Oxford BioMedica (Oxford, UK)Lentiviral vectors for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease
Prof. Adrian Thrasher, UCL Institute of Child Health (London, UK)Evolving gene therapy for primary immunodeficiencies
Doug Doerfler, MaxCyte (Gaithersburg, MD, US)Clinical translation of mRNA-engineered CAR T cells as targeted therapy for solid tumors

May 2015
(Sponsored by GE Healthcare Life Sciences)
Dr. Paul Laikind, Viacyte (San Diego, CA, US) – Preclinical and Clinical Testing of the VC-01 Product Candidate: Stem-Cell Derived Macroencapsulated Islet Replacement for Type 1 Diabetes Treatment
Dr. Paul Wotton, Ocata Therapeutics (Marlborough, MA, US) – Regenerative Ophthalmology: Believing is Seeing

April 2015
(Sponsored by the Cell Therapy Catapult)
Gregg Sando, Cell Medica (London, UK)Bringing Personalised Cell Therapy To the Market
Sadia L'Baouch, GSK (Stevenage, UK)
Cell and Gene Therapy Supply Chain Operational Challenges
Robert Perry, Athersys (Cleveland, OH, US)Logistics for Cell Therapy Products: Experiences and Concerns for the Future

March 2015
(Sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec)
Professor Bruce Levine, Abramson Cancer Centre of the University of Pennsylvania (Philadelphia, PA, US)Engineering Targeted Immunity from Patient's Own Cells to Treat Untreatable Cancers
Hans Bishop, Juno Therapeutics (Seattle, WA, US)Juno's Approach to Cellular Immunotherapy

December 2014
(Sponsored by the Cell Therapy Catapult)
Dr. Tania Bubela, University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB, Canada)Traversing the 3Rs: Regeneration, Regulation, and Reimbursement
Dr. Sven Kili, Sanofi Biosurgery (Oxford, UK)Those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it: Lessons learned from commercialisation of 3 cell therapies
Dr. Anthony Davies, Dark Horse Consulting, Inc. (CA, US)CMC: Can't Make Cells?

November 2014
(Sponsored by Thermo Fisher Scientific)
Ian Rees, MHRA (London, UK) – MHRA’s ‘One-stop-shop’ update
Aidan Courtney, Roslin Cells Ltd. (Edinburgh, UK) - The industrialisation of stem cell production
Zami Aberman, Pluristem Therapeutics Inc. (Haifa, Israel)
- Maturing adherent-cell therapies for commercialisation: Strategies, technology barriers and possible solutions
Dr. Gil Van Bokkelen, Athersys Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US)
Addressing healthcare challenges posed by an aging global population, through innovative regenerative medicine technologies and advances in regulatory strategies

September 2014
(Sponsored by the Cell Therapy Catapult)
Dr. Natalie Mount, Cell Therapy Catapult (London, UK) – The UK’s clinical pipeline of cell therapies
Prof. Martin Birchall, UCL Ear Institute (London, UK)Are tissue engineered organs disruptive technology?
Prof. Philippe Menasché, Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou (Paris, France)Human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiac progenitors for cardiac repair: A translational experience

May 2014
(Sponsored by Miltenyi Biotec)
Dr. Donna Skerrett, Mesoblast (Melbourne, Australia)Cell therapy commercialisation - a multinational opportunity
Susan Solomon, The New York Stem Cell Foundation (New York, NY, US)Pushing the limits: How The New York Stem Cell Foundation and a new model of research are leading the path to cures
Dr. Michael May, Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM; Toronto, ON, Canada) – If you build it, will they come? The critical role of reimbursement assessment in the diligence and development of early stage technologies

March 2014
(Sponsored by the Cell Therapy Catapult)
Dr. Daniel Williams, Adaptimmune Ltd. (Abingdon, UK)Process Improvements for Engineered T-cell Manufacture to Enable Near-Term Commercialisation
Dr. Kim Warren, Lonza, Inc. (Walkersville, MD, US)Technology Platforms for Large-Scale Manufacturing of Cell Therapies
Dr. Robert Deans, Athersys Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US)Adult Adherent Stem Cell Therapy for Stroke: Anticipating Commercial Scale Manufacturing

November 2013
(Sponsored by PeproTech)
Dr. Robin L. Smith, NeoStem, Inc. (New York, NY, US) – NeoStem: Transforming the Treatment of Chronic Disease
Dr. Michael D. West, BioTime, Inc. (Alameda, CA, US) – Human Embryonic Stem Cells: Opportunities and Practical Challenges
Geoff MacKay, Organogenesis Inc. (Canton, MA, US) – Building a Regenerative Medicine Company - Commercial Stage Considerations

May 2013
(Sponsored by MacoPharma)
Dr. Antonio Lee, MEDIPOST, Seoul, Korea - World's first allogeneic stem cell drug CARTiSTEM® and its path to successful commercialization
Dr. Yael Margolin, Gamida Cell, Jerusalem, Israel – The Gamida Cell Chronicles: Diary of a Clinical Adventure
Gregory A. Bonfiglio, Proteus Venture Partners, Portola Valley, CA, USA – The cord blood banking industry: Past, present and future

April 2013
‘Meet the Regulators’ event hosted by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (
MHRA), with sponsorship from the Cell Therapy Catapult
Professor Sir Kent Woods (Chief Executive, MHRA) - Opening remarks & scene setting
Professor Sir Gordon Duff (Chairman, MHRA) - New chairman's vision for the restructured MHRA
Dr. Stephen Inglis (Director, NIBSC) - NIBSC as a Centre within MHRA
Dr. Ian Hudson (Licensing Division Director, MHRA) - The Innovation Office
Imogen Swann (Head of Regulation, HTA) - View from HTA
Dr. Shaun Griffin (Director of Communications, HRA and HTA) - New GTAC arrangements and experience to-date
Panel session with: Dr. Ian Hudson; Dr. Elaine Godfrey (Pharmaceutical Assessor, Clinical Trials Unit, MHRA); Dr. Shaun Griffin; Dr. Stephen Inglis; Mr Ian Rees (GMP Inspector, MHRA)

January 2013
(Sponsored by the NanoKTN and Miltenyi Biotec)
Dr Felicity Sartain, NanoKTN (London, UK) - Building collaborations & the NanoRegen Mission
Prof. Dr. med. Frank Emmrich, Fraunhofer IZI (Leipzig, Germany) – Regenerative Medicine at the Fraunhofer
Keith Thompson, Cell Therapy Catapult (London, UK) - A new initiative to bridge the translation gap for cell therapies: The UK Cell Therapy Catapult Centre

November 2012
(Sponsored by the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine)
Dr. Tony Bradshaw, HealthTech & Medicines KTN (London, UK) - Next generation bioprocessing professionals for regenerative medicine
Prof. Peter Zandstra, University of Toronto, and Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) (Toronto, Canada) – Two examples of engineering cell fate: Blood stem cell therapy and cardiac drug screening
Dr. Robert Deans, Athersys Inc. (Cleveland, OH, US) – Adult stem cell therapy for stroke: Development status and manufacturing challenges

October 2012
25th Anniversary celebration event for Rosetrees Trust
Opening remarks from Richard Ross (Chairman, Rosetrees Trust) & Prof. Malcolm Grant (Provost, UCL)
Prof. Martin Birchall (UCL Ear Institute) - Clinical translation and the role of the clinician scientist
Prof. Dion Morton (Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham) - Improving Surgical Care through Clinical Research
Prof. Steve Jones FRS (Dept. of Genetics, Evolution & Environment, UCL) - Nature, nurture or neither? What the public does not understand about genetics
Clive Cookson (Science Editor, Financial Times) - How the media treat medical research and the 2012 hot topics in biomedical science
Prof. Molly Stevens (Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Imperial College London) - New approaches for early diagnosis of disease and tissue regeneration
George Freeman MP (Life Sciences Adviser to the Minister for Universities and Science - Rt Hon David Willetts MP) - Commercialisation: Successfully crossing the 'Valley of Death' to benefit patients, carers, NHS & UK industry

February 2012
(Sponsored by The Cure Parkinson’s Trust)
Chaired by Prof. Roger Barker, University of Cambridge and Addenbrooke’s Hospital (Cambridge, UK)
Dr. Sonja Kriks, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York, NY, US) - Dopaminergic neurons derived from human ES cells efficiently engraft in animal models of Parkinson's disease
Dr. Alan Whone, Department of Neurology and the Burden Institute, Frenchay Hospital (Bristol, UK) - Restoring brains with Parkinson’s disease: the next few years and beyond
Prof. Anders Bjorklund, Wallenberg Neuroscience Center, Lund University (Lund, Sweden) - Nurr1: A novel therapeutic target in Parkinson’s Disease AND Cell transplantation in Parkinson's disease: an update

January 2012
(Sponsored by MacoPharma)
Prof. Sara Rankin, Imperial College, London, UK - Putting the Tooth Fairy out of Business: Children get their teeth into science
Mr Guy Parkes, Anthony Nolan Trust, London, UK – Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Programme - Developments and Trends
Dr. Rachael Hough, UCLH, London, UK – Using Cord Blood in the Clinic
Dr. Rajan Jethwa, Virgin Health Bank, Doha, Qatar – Virgin Health Bank: A Quality Platform for a Sustainable Health Economy

September 2011
(Held in conjunction with the OBN)
Dr. Joanna Miller, VetCell (Oxfordshire, UK) - Making money with stem cells
Dr. Yen Choo, Progenitor Labs Ltd (London, UK) – An introduction to Progenitor Labs
Michael Hunt, ReNeuron Group plc (Guildford, UK) – Taking stem cell therapies into the clinic: ReNeuron – an overview
Gregg Sando, Cell Medica Ltd (
London, UK)Cellular immunotherapy – Early revenue opportunities

June 2011
(Sponsored by the
Heart Cells Foundation)
Prof. Anthony Mathur, Bart's & the London (UK) – Introduction to the Heart Cells Foundation
Prof. Christine Mummery, Leiden University Medical Centre (Netherlands) – Cardiovascular derivatives of embryonic stem cells in cardiac repair and drug discovery
Prof. Joshua Hare, Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (FL, USA) – Cell therapy for chronic ischaemic heart disease: From concept to clinic
Prof. John Martin, UCL (UK) – Have we discovered the future?

April 2011
(‘Meet the Regulators’ event hosted by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, MHRA. Presentations available
Sir Alasdair Breckenridge, Chair of MHRA
Panel session with: Dr. Gopalan Narayanan, MHRA & Committee for Advanced Therapies (CAT), European Medicines Agency (EMA); Dr. Sharon Longhurst, MHRA; Dr. Elaine Godfrey, MHRA; Dr. Ian Rees, MHRA; Dr. Patrick Celis, CAT, EMA; Dr. Lucia D’Apote, CAT, EMA; Prof. George Dickson, Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences & School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway, & CAT, EMA

April 2011
(LRMN/BrAPP Networking Day – A Pharmaceutical Physician’s guide to regenerative medicine)
Professor Anthony Mathur, Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry – REGENERATE - Trials and tribulations of translational stem cell research
Professor Julie T Daniels, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology – Treating ocular surface disorders with novel cell-based therapies
Professor Martin A Birchall, Royal National Throat, Nose and Ear Hospital – Breathing easier: helping airway science across the translational gaps

March 2011
(Joint LRMN/UKNSCN Stem Cell Roadshow)
Dr. Paul De Sousa, University of Edinburgh and Roslin Cells Ltd – Bridging the gap between embryonic stem cell research and the clinic
Dr. Julie Daniels, Moorfields Eye Hospital Cells for Sight Tissue Bank – Cells for Sight Transplantation & Research Programme
Dr. John Sindon, ReNeuron plc – Stem cells for stroke disability, the UK's first clinical trial
Prof. Peter Weissberg, British Heart Foundation – Mending Broken Hearts - A major new British Heart Foundation appeal

February 2011
Dr. Paul Kemp, Intercytex Ltd – A working comparison of 20th & 21st Century business models for Regenerative Medicine
Prof. Martin Birchall, UCL ENT Institute – Laryngeal replacement: chasing the dream
Philip Ball, Freelance Science writer – Making People: A Brief History

January 2011
Aidan Courtney, Roslin Cells Ltd – Using pluripotent stem cells in clinical therapies: Challenges from bench to bedside
Matthew Walls, Epistem – Pioneering stem cell science in the development of novel therapeutics: Using stem cells as clinical tools
Michael Hunt, ReNeuron Group plc – Taking a stem cell therapy business to the clinic: Initiating a Phase I clinical trial using neural stem cells for stroke

December 2010
Mr Guy Parkes, Anthony Nolan Trust (London, UK) – Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Programme ? Ready for the Future
Dr. Andrew Hadley, NHS Blood and Transplant (Bristol, UK) – The NHS Cord Blood Bank: Collecting and Storing Cord Blood for 15 Years
Dr. Rajan Jethwa, Virgin Health Bank (Doha, Qatar) – Knowledge versus opinion

November 2010
Dr. Gary du Moulin, Genzyme Corporation, Boston, USA – Regulation and quality control in the tissue-engineering of cartilage (Carticel) and skin (Epicel) - a 15 year perspective
Dean Tozer, Advanced BioHealing Inc, San Diego, USA – From Advanced Tissue Sciences to Advanced BioHealing - the making of a modern-day regenerative medicine company
Dr. William Haseltine, William A. Haseltine Foundation for Medical Sciences and the Arts, USA – The future of stem cells and regenerative medicine

October 2010
Dr. Lorenz Studer, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA – The derivation and application of iPS cells
Prof. Sheng Ding, The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA, USA – A Chemical Approach to Cellular Reprogramming
Prof. George Daley, Children"s Hospital Boston and Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Boston, MA, USA – Directing and redirecting cell fates

June 2010
(Sponsored by
The Cure Parkinson’s Trust)
Dr. Roger Barker, Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge – Cell therapies and Parkinson's disease: where next?
Prof. Ernest Arenas, Karolinska Institute, Sweden – A Wnt code controls midbrain dopaminergic neuron development & stem cell differentiation
Prof. Arnold Kriegstein, University of California, San Francisco – A cell-based strategy to modify circuit activity in Parkinson's disease

May 2010
Martin McGlynn, StemCells Inc – Human CNS stem cell therapeutics program: challenges, strategy and progress to date
Robert Klein – A funding model for regenerative medicine

April 2010
Christopher Bravery, Consulting on Advanced Biologicals Ltd – Should autologous cell therapy companies have the right to refuse treatment to patients?
Richard Snell, Altrika Ltd – The use of novel materials for regenerative medicine applications
Gil Beyen, TiGenix NV – ChondroCelect©, the first cell-based product approved by the EMEA

March 2010
Hutan Ashrafian, Imperial College London – Auto-bionics ? a new paradigm in regenerative medicine and surgery
Anthony H Davies, Geron Corporation – Scaling of hESC-derived therapeutics manufacturing
Robert J Deans, Athersys Inc – Adult adherent stem cells in the treatment of cardiovascular injury: development considerations and clinical experience

February 2010
James Lawford-Davies, Lawford-Davies Denoon – The history and ABC guide to embryonic stem cell regulation
Glyn Stacey, UK Stem Cell Bank – Meeting the challenge of delivering the UK Stem Cell Bank project
Dr Tom Okarma, Geron Corp – Human embryonic stem cell therapy: pathway to the clinic

January 2010
(Sponsored by
The MS Society)
Dr. Mary Archer, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Prof. Robin Franklin, MRC Centre for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, & Department of Veterinary Medicine, University of Cambridge – Regenerative medicine and multiple sclerosis
Prof. Gianvito Martino MD, University Vita-Salute San Raffaele, Milan, Italy – Cell therapy for MS: the potential of transplanted neural stem & precursor cells

December 2009
Vern Liebmann, MBA, Aderans Research – Challenges of mass manufacturing during the clinical phase of cell-based products
Robert Cavorsi, Organogenesis – Developing the pricing and reimbursement strategy for cell-based therapies
Dr Todd McAllister, Cytograft Tissue Engineering – Overcoming key challenges to the commercial translation of cell therapies

November 2009
Dr Donald Coppen, Biocompatibles International plc – CellBeads ? a novel, clinical-stage approach for extended local drug delivery
Dr Julie Daniels, Department of Ocular Biology & Therapeutics, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology – Stem cell therapy for blinding ocular surface diseases
Gregg Sando, Cell Medica Ltd – Commercialising adoptive cellular immunotherapy for the treatment of infectious disease in immunosuppressed patients

October 2009
Prof Anthony Mathur, Barts and the London NHS Trust – The REGENERATE clinical trials of Cell Therapy in Cardiac Disease
Prof Paul Sharpe, Department of Craniofacial Development, Dental Institute, Kings College London – Biological replacement of teeth
Sir Richard Sykes DSc FRS FMedSci, NHS London and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, UKSCF – The UK Stem Cell Foundation - Translating British science into patient therapies by bridging the funding gap

June 2009
Prof Kevin Warwick, University of Reading – The Cyborg Experiments
Prof Jeremy Brockes, Dept of Structural & Molecular Biology, UCL – Limb regeneration in an adult vertebrate
Dr Jane Lebkowski, Geron Corporation – Development of human embryonic stem cells for therapeutic applications

June 2009
Prof Kevin Shakesheff, University of Nottingham – Delivering cells and proteins: Scientific and Intellectual Property Opportunities
Dr Aubrey de Grey, SENS Foundation – Regenerative therapies against aging: can they be comprehensive enough?
Prof. Philippe Menasché, University of Paris Descartes – Ian Rosenberg Memorial Lecture - Cell-Based Therapy for Cardiac Repair

May 2009
Geoff MacKay, Organogenesis – Commercialisation of Living Cell Therapies to Induce Soft Tissue Regeneration
Michael Siani-Rose, Theregen Inc.
Nicolas L'Heureux – Heart Muscle Regenerative Therapy

April 2009
Prof. Mark Ferguson, Renovo – Development of novel pharmaceuticals to prophylactically improve scarring
Prof. Geoff Raisman FRS, UCL Institute of Neurology – Repair of brain and spinal cord by transplantation of olfactory ensheathing cells cultured from adult stem cells
Dr Suwan Jayasinghe, BioPhysics Group, Dept Mechanical Engineering, UCL – Bio-electrosprays and cell electrospinning:novel direct strategies for tissue engineering and regenerative biology/medicine

March 2009
Dr. Mark Lewis, UCL Eastman Dental Institute – Cell Therapy: View from the front line ? an academic experience
Dr. Rosemary Drake, The Automation Partnership – Automation: Is this the route to successful scale-up and manufacture of cell-based therapies?
Dr. Eric Daniels, Cytori Therapeutics – Adipose-derived regenerative cells: Current clinical applications

February 2009
Mark Henderson (The Times), Andy Coghlan (New Scientist) and Fiona Fox (Science Media Centre) – Panel Session - Implications for the Government, NHS and patients on the recent approval by the FDA to allow human embryonic stem cell clinical trials to proceed.
Prof John Martin, Centre for Cardiovascular Biology & Medicine, BHF Laboratories, University College London – Is there a future for gene therapy?
Dr. Darren Bhattachary, BMRB – Stem cells: implications of public and stakeholders' views on the science and ethics.

January 2009
Dr Nick Skaer, Orthox Ltd – Regenerative Silk-based Scaffolds for Orthopaedic Tissue Repair
Mr Alex J Shortt MRCOphth, Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust – Genetic Regulation of Corneal Limbal Epithelial Stem Cells and the Implications for Restoring Vision
Prof. Herbert Gottweis, Department of Political Science, University of Vienna – The Politics of Regenerative Medicine: Challenges Ahead

December 2008
Dr Evan Harris MP, Oxford West and Abingdon – Glass half-empty: Unfinished business from the Human Embryology Act
Prof. Nagy Habib, Division of Surgery, Oncology, Reproductive Biology and Anaesthetics – Clinical application of adult bone marrow-derived stem cell progenitors
Prof. Anthony Hollander, University Of Bristol – Claudia’s trachea: Lessons learned for future regenerative medicine strategies

November 2008
Dr. Steven Bauer, CBER, FDA – Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine: An FDA Perspective
Greg Bonfiglio, Proteus Venture Partners – Commercialising Regenerative Medicine: Moving Great Science from Bench to Bedside
Geoff MacKay, Organogenesis – Applying Living Technology for Soft Tissue Regeneration: R+D, Manufacturing + Commercialisation

October 2008
Prof. Pete Coffey, The London Project to Cure Blindness – The London Project to Cure Blindness: Stemming Vision Loss with Stem Cells
James Lawford Davies, Clifford Chance, London – 497 Days of Law-Making in Regenerative Medicine
David Macauley, Virgin Health Bank – Planes, Trains and Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells

From June 2005 to June 2007:

Prof. Robin Ali (Institute of Ophthalmology + Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust)
Dr. Martin Anthony (Department of Trade and Industry)
Richard Archer (Founder - The Automation Partnership)
Dr. Anne Bishop (Imperial College London)
Gregory Bonfiglio (Anthem Ventures + Proteus Venture Partners)
Dr. Yen Choo (Plasticell Ltd.)
Prof. Pete Coffey (Institute of Ophthalmology and The London Project)
Dr. Alan Colman (ES Cell International)
Dr. John Connolly (Department of Health and Secretary + UK Stem Cell Initiative)
Dr. Cosimo de Bari (King’s College London)
Dr. Emer Clarke (StemCell Technologies Inc.)
Dr. Julie Daniels (Institute of Ophthalmology + Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust)
Dr. Anthony Davies (Geron Corporation)
Dr. Aubrey de Grey (University of Cambridge)
Prof. Alicia El Haj (Magnecell Ltd. + University of Keele)
Sue Ellison (Department of Trade and Industry)
Prof. Mark Ferguson (Renovo plc + University of Manchester)
Prof. Sarah Franklin (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Prof. Nagy Habib (Imperial College London + Hammersmith Hospital NHS Trust)
Dr. Zach Hall (California Institute for Refgenerative Medicine, CIRM)
Dr. John E. Hambor (Pfizer Global Research and Development)
Dr. Neil Harris (LGC + Department of Trade and Industry)
Dr. Jonathan Hill (King’s College London + King’s College Hospital)
Hugh Ilyine (Stem Cell Sciences plc)
Dr. Liz James (Blond McIndoe Centre)
Dr. Tony Jones (London Biotechnology Network)
Dr. Paul Kemp (Intercytex plc)
James Lawford Davies (Clifford Chance)
Dame Suzi Leather (Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, HFEA)
Prof. Robert Lechler (King’s College London)
Dr. Mike Leek (Intercytex plc)
Dr. Mark Lewis (Eastman Dental Institute + Isolagen Inc.)
Prof. Michael Lysaght (Brown University)
Geoff MacKay (Organogenesis Inc.)
Duncan MacKay (Genzyme Biosurgery Inc.)
David Macauley (UK Stem Cell Foundation and Virgin Health Bank)
Prof. Sheila MacNeil (University of Sheffield + CellTran Ltd.)
Elisa Manzotti (“Regenerative Medicine” journal, Future Medicine Ltd.)
Dr. Paul Martin (University of Nottingham)
Greg McGarrell (VetCell Ltd.)
Prof. John Martin (University College London + University College Hospital NHS Trust)
Dr. Anthony Mathur (Barts and the London NHS Trust)
Dr. David Mountford (VetCell Ltd.)
Dr. Thomas Okarma (Geron Corporation)
Prof. Richard Oreffo (University of Southampton)
Chris Parsons (UK Trade & Investment)
Prof. Dame Julia Polak (Imperial College London + NovaThera Ltd.)
Linda Powers (Toucan Capital Corp.)
Prof. Geoff Raisman (Institute of Neurology, Queen Square)
Dr. Gareth Roberts (NovaThera Ltd.)
Dr. Terry Sachlos (University of Oxford + TeOx Ltd.)
Prof. Brian Salter (University of East Anglia)
Dr. Suparna Sanyal (BD Bioscience, USA)
Prof. Kevin Shakesheff (University of Nottingham + RegenTec Ltd. + Critical Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
Prof. Paul Sharpe (King’s College London + Odontis Ltd.)
Dr. John Sinden (ReNeuron plc)
Nicholas Sleep (Magnecell Ltd.)
Dr. Glyn Stacey (NIBSC + UK Stem Cell Bank)
Prof. Lars Sundstrom (Capsant Neurotechnologies Ltd.)
Ben Sykes (UK National Stem Cell Network (UKNSCN) + BBSRC)
Dr. Stephen Ward (Onyvax Ltd.)
Dr. Michael West (Advanced Cell Technology Inc.)
Dr. Will West (CellCentric Ltd.)
Dr. Gareth Williams (Marks & Clerk)
Dr. Rod Westrop (Axordia Ltd.)